It was a lovely meet up with fellow staff, Raquel and Abigail at the Crown Pub Blackheath yesterday.  We had an interesting brainstorming session sharing our thoughts as recently married planners, we discovered how we had faced similar issues during the planning process. We agreed that as wonderful as our weddings were, we felt it would have been valuable to have a planner on board. Even myself as a professional planner would have loved to look forward to the joys of a stress free bride-to-be and although I selected key members to help make it happen, I did not expect most of the duties to be left on my lap with a business in tow!


I just couldn’t imagine how hard it must then be for those with busy lifestyles and having absolutely no clue or direction on where to begin! Lets face it, most of us grew up wanting the fairy tale and couldn’t wait to share those special moments but for some they are left with great disappointment.


Did you know that there are many couples who wished they could have eloped due to the hassle of trying to please everyone during the planning process? It is meant to be one of the most important days of your life however you may discover your key members, family or friends are playing up and friends as ‘suppliers’ let you down!


Do not worry you are not alone! We realise how common this is therefore we will be putting together a series of topics over the next coming weeks covering these real life planning obstacles and how best to avoid them.


Keep an eye out for the posts they will be here very soon! As London Wedding Planners  we would love to hear your views or experiences and any topics you would like to know more about please feel free to drop us a line.

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