Same Sex Weddings

Are you planning your same sex luxury wedding? Wedding planning is hard and it gets even harder when you are planning for a same sex marriage ceremony. All the advice out there is aimed at one bride and one groom but you are going to both be brides or grooms. So here is some advice that is all for you!

Its your day so don’t try and bend into the shape of a straight wedding. If there are wedding traditions that you like, then keep them. If there are ones that don’t work for you, then bin them. This day is about celebrating the life you are going to be sharing, and probably have been sharing for some time, so make it the day you want, not what you think it ‘should be’. For instance, it is traditional for the groom to wait at the altar and the bride to walk down the aisle. Now you might be happy to stick to one of you waiting at the front and the other walking up, but there are other options.  You could have the room laid out so there are two aisles so both get to walk down you own one in unison. You could walk down the aisle together, you could even flip a coin at the start of the aisle to decide who gets to go first! Whatever you do, make it your own.

It can be worth it to invest in a same sex wedding planner. A wedding planner is there to be your advocate, we have the experience and contacts to know which venues are going to be LGBT friendly. Since this is your big day you don’t want to have to be dealing a venue that is ‘tolerant’ of you because it could easily cast a pall over your day. With the help of a same sex wedding planner in London, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be welcomed at the venue you select.

Start hunting for your wedding outfits early. When you’re not bound by tradition it can make decisions a little harder, give yourself time to explore all the options and don’t be afraid to get something that is custom fitted, so you look and feel good on your wedding day whatever you decide to wear.

Before you pick a honeymoon location, check that they are going to be welcoming. You deserve to enjoy your first trip as a married couple so its worth doing the research.

If you are struggling to envision your day or you need some ideas then pinterest is your friend! I guarantee that by the time you have finished exploring you will have more ideas than you know what to do with.

If you are looking for a same sex wedding planner in Central London or Blackheath then consider us at Valentine Weddings UK. We welcome same sex couples as we believe in ‘one love’ and everyone deserves to celebrate their love in luxury.

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