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Congratulations you are getting married!
Getting Started
Making Plans
Keep To Budget
After the initial excitement of becoming engaged it is now time to start thinking about who will play a role at your wedding. You will be tweaking your guest list and searching around for your perfect venue and supplier services. 

But where do you start?
There are so many choices.

You may have the perfect wedding in mind, telling others about your plans only to find not everyone sees them your way. They may have an opinion and give you all sorts of advice based on their experiences, although you appreciate them, it can sometimes send you off track making the whole planning process become quite daunting. You then come to realise planning a wedding is not all its cracked up to be.

Wedding guidance and support can be an invaluable way to help execute your ideas and dreams.
You want things to be researched properly and with the correct attention to detail you are set on enjoying what is going to be one of the most special days of your life. After all, you're in the spotlight and it's important that you pull off a half decent wedding right?

We live in a busy world nowadays and before you know it, time can just slip away. Spending hours surfing the net and juggling an active lifestyle can be very stressful and in my opinion, no fun way to enjoy the lead up to a wedding! 

Care and attention is key when sourcing and making decisions on supplier services and your designated wedding planner. Finding a personal service which matches you and one you can rely on is crucial to achieving the results you need. 

We realise planning a wedding is not for everyone, handing over some or all of the preparations does not mean you have failed or lost control, you will always keep it. Wedding assistance can save you time and money and has become very popular over the years. 

Wouldn't it be nice to delegate your plans and wake up to find everything in place exactly the way you visualised it?
​​Researching the industry to determine what the actual cost would be for every service can also have its challenges. How do I know what a wedding costs if l have not organised one before? Is my supplier reputable and reliable? Should l pay more for a piece of mind?

​The wedding planning process often does not seem as straightforward as couples may think and with every aspect to deal with comes a very stressful time ahead. Well, l'm pleased to tell you that it does not have to be that way. With Valentine Weddings UK, you no longer need to spend hours searching around for suppliers, worrying about blowing your budget or if you made the right choice. As Industry Experts, we will help save you time and money and you will just need to instruct us while we do all your legwork.

We care about our clients and therefore work within their best interests to ensure they do not spend more than they really need to. We pride ourselves in helping past clients achieve their perfect wedding within a cost they can afford.

If you visualise it and believe it, there's always a possibility of achieving it.

What we do

Valentine Weddings  a close-knit company always performs at its best to deliver effortless planning, managing as little or as much as you require for clients with a minimum wedding budget of £25,000. You will receive an exceptional 1-2-1 service, only having to deal with one person who will source, book and liaise on your behalf throughout the entire planning process, leaving you to enjoy all the fun parts of the planning! Clients will always stay in control and instruct us along the way, show up to your appointments and we will take care of the rest!

See some of our satisfied clients below. 
​​​​​​​Sharon, thank you so much again for everything you were amazing! You went over and beyond and the ​​
wedding was a total success! Guests had an amazing time and everything looked spotless!  more testimonials here

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Our Services

We are dedicated and passionate about weddings. We give a personal 121 service and treat all our client's equality.

We want all our clients to have the best experiences and the right suppliers on board for their day.​​ We instruct and manage all your services under one roof whether sourced independently or through our services.

Valentine Weddings have a wide range of reputable suppliers who are willing to give competitive rates to our clients offering you the best quality for a price you can afford. 

With our professional planning services, you will benefit from effortless planning, only dealing with one person who will liaise with you and all your supplier's services. 
Planning Made Easy with Valentine Weddings UK
Every bride wants to look forward to their wedding day. We can help take away the burden of all the timely legwork so you can concentrate on all the fun parts of your planning.

We have a range of competitive packages on offer and we have flexible payment options throughout the planning months.
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