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Every single couple who have ever been married have had to invite someone they didn’t like. Whether it be the strange Uncle or the odd neighbour that has been checking in on your Gran for the last ten years – there is always one…

We put together this short guide on how to avoid the common bridal blunder of the unwanted guest. Using our wisdom and a little of your own tact we can eliminate this issue, and return you to bridal bliss.

The More Guests, The Merrier – Right?

Said no Bride ever… but on your wedding day it becomes a particularly prevalent problem. You don’t want to say no to people, especially not to people you care about – but the simple truth of the matter is that your budget (and your venue) can only accommodate so many.

That means that you need to be strict. If your new Mother-In-Law wants you to invite her massage therapist you are allowed to say no – but you should definitely invite her nearest and dearest. Your SO’s siblings, perhaps their favourite Uncle and Aunt… but you can draw the line at cousins if you need to.

The trick is not to offend everyone – and that is where the issues begin. Some people will be offended simply by not being invited. It may be that you have made a genuine mistake and forgotten about them – or it may be that they were never on the list to begin with. For those you had forgotten a reparatory invite can always be sent; but for those that were always unwanted there are plenty of ways to let them down gently.

Option 1: The Half-Day Invitation

Don’t forget that not everyone needs to witness the ceremony and not everyone needs to attend the dinner. In fact, it is fairly common practice to reserve these two events for the bridal party and closest family members, then to invite everyone else for the evening celebrations in order to save money on your big day. This is a good way to avoid the guest in question. Invite them to one part of the ceremony and not the other.

Pro Tip: If you want to save money on your big day check out this article from Brides Magazine. They have some great ideas on budgeting and making that money stretch!

Option 2: Tell the Truth

It might not seem like the best idea but it can actually save a lot of tension in your life. Simply tell the unwanted guest that you have a very strict guest list and a very tight budget. If they don’t get the hint tell them in no uncertain terms that you cannot afford to have them there, that the seating plan has been meticulously arranged already and that a wedding is not something you can adjust last minute to suit… they will eventually get the message. You can see this article from The Knot for more information on tactful truth telling.

Option 3: The Plus One

If there is absolutely no way to get rid of this unwanted guest then recommend that the family member or friend closest to them bring them as their plus one. This is particularly effective when your granny insists on bringing her hairdresser’s daughter or when an aunt insists you invite a cousin you have never met before…

And Finally…

Don’t forget that flawless weddings start with a flawless planning service, and here at Valentine’s Weddings we provide just that! Contact us now if you need a little extra help getting rid of your unwanted wedding guests from the outset!

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